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Gray Offshore takes Delivery of 300’ 6000 psf deck barge “Julius” from Conrad Shipyard’s New Deepwater South facility

Gray Offshore takes delivery of a 300’x100’x19’10” ABS Classed Ocean Deck Barge from Conrad Shipyard L.L.C. The Barge “Julius” is the first project delivered from Conrad Shipyard’s newest facility, Deepwater South, in Amelia, LA. Dan Conrad, Senior Vice President, states “To be able to deliver barges of this size and quality, on time and on budget, from this facility is evident of diversity and commitment to our valued customers such as John Gray.”
“This addition to our fleet, with its 6000lbs/ft2, heavy duty deck configuration and radial “spoon” bow, offers our customers optimal solutions for their heavy lift needs.  Adding the “Julius” to our  growing Ocean Barge fleet currently consisting of two 260’ ABS barges “Cordie” and “Gwendolyn”, also constructed at Conrad, gives our customers more options and is the right fit to satisfy the markets need to move increasingly heavier over dimensional and project cargos both internationally and domestically” says John Gray President of Gray Offshore and its affiliated Gray Barge Companies, who also provide a fleet of over 90 inland, spud, waste, rock, and deck barges for charter.    
Barge “Julius” has a 6000 psf Uniform Deck Payload built with 3/4” plate, 1/2” side plate, 3 longitudinal corrugated bulkheads, 7 transverse corrugated bulkheads; and features 6 all recessed bitts, 12 kevels, 32 manholes, 32 watertight compartments, 3 towing eyes and many other enhanced usability features. Deadweight capacity is listed at 9,842lt and lightship draft is listed at 3.057’.  The “Julius” is US Flagged and Jones Act compliant.
For more information please contact:
THE GRAY BARGE COMPANIES | office: 985.873.2923 
John S. Gray, President | | cell: 504.908.2519
Frank Hernandez, Vice-President Operations | | cell: 504.559.5554 



Gray Offshore 300' X 100' X 20' "Julius" Under Construction


It has been a busy year at Gray Offshore! Since the launch of our first 260' x 72' x 16' ABS Classed Full Ocean Deck Barge "Gwendolyn" in September of 2012, Gray Offshore has been aggressively adding ABS Full Classed Ocean Barges to The Gray Barge Companies existing fleet of over 90 inland vessels! In February, 2013 Gray Offshore took delivery of a second 260' x 72' x 12' ABS Classed Deck Barge "Cordie" and signed a subsequent contract with Conrad Industries to construct The Gray Barge Company's first 300' x 100' x 20', named "Julius" after the company's founder Julius Ralph Gray.

In response to the market's demand to transport heavier cargos, the Julius will be constructed to a uniform deck payload of 6000lbs/ft2. In addition, the barge will feature a full, radial "spoon" bow and will be constructed with corrugated bulkheads. Gray Offshore is scheduled to take delivery of the Julius in February, 2014.

For inquiries about our growing fleet of ABS Classed Ocean Barges or for any other information regarding The Gray Barge Companies' inland fleet or shipyard facility, please feel free to contact either Frank Hernandez or John Gray at:
THE GRAY BARGE COMPANIES | office: 985.873.2923 
Frank Hernandez, Vice-President Operations | | cell: 504.559.5554 
John S. Gray, President | | cell: 504.908.2519